In recent times, puzzles are not so common anymore because most of us choose to play mobile games instead of board games. That is why some web developers have decided to create an online version of it so that kids nowadays will become familiar with what a puzzle is even if it is just a simulation of the real thing. The puzzle creator is the puzzle application that is popular among many individuals. This is mainly because it does not only allow you to play the puzzle but also enables you to create your own puzzle.

This means that you get to choose what picture or image will be converted into a puzzle. This makes the puzzle creator more appealing to many of its users that they recommend it to their friends and family. This application indeed provides us with a personal touch because are able to use and play a puzzle that has a great significance to our life.

The puzzle creator is easily accessible online and you can use whatever mobile device you have either a cell phone, tablet or laptop. Just log in to the website and you will now be able to create your own puzzle and at the same time play with. In order to create your own puzzle, just click the create puzzle button and it will make you choose an image for your puzzle. These images are those which are saved on your device. It will then automatically convert it in a twelve-piece puzzle. You can now play with it by clicking the shuffle button or choose to increase the number of puzzle pieces as you wish before playing.

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