Playing Puzzles

Playing puzzles is one of the favorite pastimes for both children and adults alike. However, it is uncommon that puzzles are brought wherever you go because of its bulkiness and it is not practical to be bringing such item all the time. And because of this, an online version of a puzzle has been developed so that puzzle lovers can now play with it using their mobile gadget anytime and anywhere they want.

This online puzzle is known as the puzzle creator. This application not only allows you to play the puzzle but more importantly it gives you the opportunity to make your own puzzle using whatever design or image you want as long as you have access to that certain image.

The puzzle creator is very simple to use. Once you are logged in to the application, a default puzzle design will be welcoming you. So if you have no idea on what image you would use then you can use the default design and shuffle it so that you can reconstruct the puzzle.

However, if you want to create your own puzzle, then simply click the button which says create a puzzle. It will then prompt you to choose an image from your device. After that, the picture of choice will immediately turn into a 12-piece puzzle. You can further customize it by changing the number of pieces. There is a drop-down menu where you can select how many puzzle pieces you would like to have.

The puzzle creator is indeed an excellent application for puzzle lovers.

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