Make your own puzzle

Some people love playing puzzles, however, it tends to become rarely done as it is not practical to be bringing them everywhere you go, most especially if the puzzles you love consists of several tiny pieces. And because of this, an online application designed for such purpose has been created. It is known as the puzzle creator.

This application not only allows you to play puzzles but also lets you create your own puzzle by using your own design or picture depending on what images you have on your computer. This makes puzzle playing more fun since it has now become more personalized. Plus, you get to play with it anywhere and anytime you want as long as your mobile device is with you which by all means happens almost all the time as we do not leave the house without our gadgets. Therefore, the puzzle creator can be easily accessed by everyone.

The application puzzle creator is very easy to use. Just simply log in to the application. The first thing that would appear when you open the application is a default picture puzzle which you can use for play if you want to. But since the main purpose of this application is to make your own puzzle, then most probably you would opt to do so.

In order to do this, just click the create puzzle button, then select the desired picture or simply drag and drop a picture from your computer to the application. It is as easy as that. You will now have your own personalized puzzle through the use of this application.

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